Hot Sell 24inch Three Wheel Cargo Tricycle Ebike

  • Hot Sell 24inch Three Wheel Cargo Tricycle Ebike
  • Hot Sell 24inch Three Wheel Cargo Tricycle Ebike
  • Hot Sell 24inch Three Wheel Cargo Tricycle Ebike
  • Hot Sell 24inch Three Wheel Cargo Tricycle Ebike
  • Hot Sell 24inch Three Wheel Cargo Tricycle Ebike

Driveline: SHIMANO rear derailleur
Brakes: Front and rear rear hydraulic disc brakes.
Motor: Bafang Middle Drive 250W, 36V, 80Nm.
Battery:  36V/12.8Ah Lithium-ion
Wheels: 24 ″*2.0 front and 26 ″*2.1 rear.
Tire type: Puncture-protected tire with reflector line Schwable.
Saddle: SR leather saddle with handle at the back.
Lighting: Front and rear light controller by display
Lock:  Frame lock.

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Product Detail

Weights and Measures

● Length: 2150mm
● Width: 700mm
● Height: 1150mm
● Weight: 63kg
● Max load: 150 kg
● Front tires: 24 × 2.0 (53-507)
● Rear tires: 26 × 2.1 (54-559)

The bike can be stored standing on the nose.



The extra powerful battery is lockable and is hidden in the storage box. It can be charged on site in the bike or taken and charged elsewhere. 


The three wheeled electric cargo bike UB9048E has a wide range of functions. Once promoted, this uniquely designed cargo bike will be loved by the market; Aluminum alloy frame, the frame line design is more fashionable, and the frame safety index exceeds the TUV certification requirements;

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, the braking effect is for riding escort;

When will you use this electric wooden box car? When you are single, it can be used as a means of transportation to work, strengthen your body, travel green and protect the environment; When you have another half, you can take your beloved to see the most beautiful scenery; A family of three took their children to supermarkets, schools and outings;

If you have a lovely dog, take the dog where you want to go;

This cargobike is produced by the continuous improvement and upgrading of the designer's 10-year bike design experience and market research. Only when you see the real bike can you feel the visual impact and meticulous details

With this car, you can travel freely and be happy all the time.


Move fast, stop faster
Our two front wheels are fitted with hydraulic disc brakes – the same technology a car uses to break. You can rely on these breaks to stop with confidence and precision. The brake pads are designed to last so you can rely on them with you need them most.


Light and powerful
Our Li-ion batteries use the most recent breakthroughs in battery technology to ensure your power pack is light enough to carry
yet powerful enough to ride on all day. With a range of up to 60km, each power pack always delivers the same smooth pedal assist you expect whether on the first km or on the last.

Your ride at a glance
Keep track of your ride while you ride. The cycle computer provides instantaneous speed, distance traveled as well as battery autonomy. You can also up or downregulate the power of the pedal assist.

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Product Details


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